Our Club

Founded in 1971, the Skyhawk Flying Club is a well-established, not-for-profit organization with three aircraft to meet a variety of flying missions.  Our goal is to provide our members with the ability to fly in an economical fashion.  See our rates under "Aircraft", and I think you will see we offer a very attractive option for flying.  We are based out of the Omaha/Millard Municipal Airport (KMLE) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Club Overview

The Skyhawk Flying Club is an ownership-based flying club.  We have tenure as an organization and a solid safety record after nearly 40 years of flying.  We have three aircraft to meet the needs of most any general aviation enthusiast from primary training to advanced IFR.

Our Mission

To provide our members a cost-effective way to fly and distribute the cost of aircraft ownership.

Message from the President

We take pride in our club and our aircraft.  We work hard to provide well maintained aircraft at a reasonable price.  We find club membership to be significantly less expensive than other options in the local area.  We invite you to contact us if you're looking for alternatives to either aircraft rental or direct ownership.